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A resource to help data scientists go from problem to prototype

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Author’s note: This is still a work in progress…

What is this?

An open-source “cookbook” to enable bottom-up data science in DoD units at the edge of the formation. Help small teams get from 0 → 1. Check out the about page for more details on the cookbook.

How do I use this cookbook?

Like any cookbook, flip to the recipe you need. We tried to make each subsection stand on its own and be consumable on its own. If you don’t understand a particular ingredient in the recipe, use the ingredients section to learn more.

Why did you make this?

Enablers of ML in DoD—infrastructure, funding, acquisition—are centralized. Problems, problem solving, and prototyping—are decentralized. We want to help merge top-down enablers with bottom-up problem solving

Centralized and Decentralized
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How does it work?


Data scientists, designers, and product managers with experience in DoD (AI Task Force, DIU, Kessel Run, Fort Meade, SOCOM, Harbinger and more)


Operations Research Analysts, junior data analysts, data scientists, recent graduates of universities and grad school programs, bootcamp grads, product managers.

Where do I go from here?

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